A Video Live Today Wedding Film is a work of art, made up of candid breathtaking shots, creative editing, music that will give you all the feels, intense dance breaks, and a story-driven narration (including your vows, romantic readings, speeches, etc). It involves angling, lighting, positioning and transitional editing since these technicalities help in narrating the moment to you.

Our videography team is carefully selected and made up of extremely talented professionals with excellent experience to make your production the best.

  • Editing style: An artistic style of videography that focuses on creating a story with Hollywood style editing
  • Audio: Professionally mixed. The audio is a mix of music and dialogue
  • Length: 2 – 10 minutes (depending on the package you choose)
  • Packages: Offered in our Mini, Silver, Gold, and Diamond packages
  • Delivery: Hosted online on your own website we provide you and and sent to you via Dropbox.

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