I'm going to burst some bubbles saying this, but as my client I owe you the truth. TV commercials are becoming less and less effective. The majority of people do not watch shows on a television set anymore. I'm not saying they are completely ineffective, but the amount of money you have to spend to get your commercial in front of viewers targeted to your service is far more than the production itself. That being said, commercials can be produced without the intent of putting them on TV. You can use it as a web video or social media videos.

That being said, if your competition is doing it we recommend you doing it as well. It may be worth the extra dollars to convince existing customers to stay and pull future customers from your competition. At Video Live Today, we can give you that edge.

A great way to start out a TV commercial campaign is to see what your competition is up to. That's where we start our process. We want to know what they are doing so we can create content that makes your product, service or business stand out from the rest. That is what people look for when deciding what company to do business with. Trust us, we'll prove it to you.

There are different types of commercials you can have produced. You can advertise a product or service. You can just tell people “hey, we're here!" You can use it for testimonials to build reputation. There are many reasons to produce a commercial, contact us for more information.

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