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Video Live Today can cover meetings, conventions, seminars, company paties and activities, golf tournaments, dinners and any other team building activities you can imagine.

Take this scenario… Your company is bringing in an expert to talk about a new product, technique, technical demonstration or marketing strategy. This can be very expensive, and only a fraction of the people that need to know the information are able to attend. You have options, pay for multiple sessions (depending on the size of your business, this could be a national tour) or have us cover the event or even live stream the event so it can be distributed and viewed by everybody who needs to be in the know.

This is definitely not a new tool corporations use to get the right information to the right people. Ever have a job and you have to sit through boring training videos at orientation? Let me be clear, we do not produce those. We produce content that engages people, captures their attention and causes viewers to retain a high percentage of the information.

Each corporate production is different and they have different goals, but that's where our expertise comes in to develop a plan designed to engage the audience and maximize information retention.

There is a broad range of types of videos corporations and large businesses use. Each one requires a different strategy and process. We at Video Live Today are great story tellers and we can definitely assist in making your production as engaging and retentive as possible.

Highlight videos of corporate events are a great way of getting those that chose not to come to come to the next event! Think about all of the possibilities!

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