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Interview videos are a must. Before a buyer or seller does business with you let them get to know you on a more personal level. A short video introducing yourself and describing what you do.

The obvious one is a listing video. Sometimes referred to as a walk-through. A lot of agents take video with their phone etc… and that is fine. If you want to sell the property, a story needs to be built and told. Professional finesse and experience along with the proper equipment is essential to a real estate video.

We encourage all agents to shoot short video snippets educating potential clients on what to look for and what to not look for. These don't require professionals, you can do it on an IPhone. The important thing is, you build trust and reputation.

Another thing we suggest is doing interviews of local businesses in the area. Again, not something you need us for unless you work out a mutual arrangement with the business. This helps potential buyers get to know the area.

Agent/Office promo videos are another great idea. I would recommend our professional service for this as you really want this one to look polished.

Another tip that you don't necessarily need us for is to create testimonial videos. No sane person just takes someone's word for it. Prove it!

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